D&B Plating Provides Rack & Barrel Zinc, Passivation and Chromate Conversion on Aluminum, RoHS Compliant Plating and Chromating, Bright Dip, Degrease, Pickle and Oil & Fomblin Lubricant. Finishes to Meet ASTM & MIL Specifications.

Zinc Plating Services Zinc Plating
  • Rack or Barrel
  • Zinc Yellow / Black / Olive
    Drab (non RoHS)
  • Zinc Clear (RoHS) / Zinc
    Yellow (RoHS) / Black ( RoHS)
  • Masking, Hydrogen
    Embrittlement Relief &
    Top Seal
Chromate Conversion Services Chromate Conversion
  • Barrel or Rack
  • Aluminum Chromate
    Conversion Clear (RoHS) &
    Yellow (non-RoHS)
  • Degreasing, Masking &
    Etching to Clean Pre-Plate
Electroless Nickel (Mid Phosphorous) RoHS Plating Services Electroless Nickel
(Mid Phosphorous)
RoHS Plating Services
  • Barrel or Rack
  • Masking Pre-Plate Operations
  • Coating Thickness Tests
Stainless Steel Passivation Services Stainless Steel
Passivation Services
  • Passivate Citric / Nitric /
    Nitric Dichromate
  • Rack or Barrel
  • Passivation, Scale Removal
    & Cleaning Pre-Plate
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  • Solid Value
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  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Experienced Team
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  • Environmentally Friendly

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